Just curious as to why we bother getting married with divorce rates this high? I know people on their 3rd marriage due to infidelity. Why bother to marry the "girl of your dreams/guy" if were just going to bitch moan and cheat on each other with the "HOT CHIC/guy"? I just don't get why monogamy is dead...When did humans become so greedy? Why are looks such a big deal?

Thanks for responding... I am actually more of an old style girl. More of a nurturer and a faithful content lover ( work through our issues ). I plan to marry and preferably be a stay at home mom. I want to be confident I can hold his attention. but idk..


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  • Love has limits and I think a lot people over look what they feel that they can put up with, and just accept that this is the best it is going to get. Then they settle.

    Cheaters cheat because there feel that they are missing something.

    Back in the day it was all about family and now its beyond that. Now that women are making as much money as us (if not more), and have become more independent, I think men tend to struggle with being the ones that should be "bringing home the bacon". Remember, before women used to stay home and become stay home moms. Yes, we have many still but it's no longer a common thing. So as our busy lives start to take over us, the ones that can not balance work and home go searching for that appreciation/validation they crave. Because home isn't what it used to be.


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  • One problem is that our needs/desires change. Often the person you marry does not change with you. Maybe marriages should last 5 years, and have to be renewed. :-)

    I am on my third marriage. I never cheated on the first wife. I did cheat on the second wife, after going without sex for almost a year, and third wife was not given the promise of monogamy. So we have an open marriage, and been married for 8 years, even though I only thought it would be good for five. We laugh and have fun every day.

    Good Luck,


    • Appreciate the answer from the mature(older) perspective... thanks.

  • when did humans become so greedy ?

    thats the same thing I asked

    i like you.



    it all started with the divison of religons and suppression of women

    and from there it was all negativly down hill

    due to the money game with suppresion of colored people

    and hatred flew in cause of that and peoples nature of wanting everything

    and what they can't have they want it more

    ppl are attention hungry and there egos always want more

    but they never look inward

    which would satisfy them if they wanted it to

    ppl could stay together but they get bored and what something different things

    and new things

    but the truth is that people find it hard to change when its cool to be mean and evil in this world

    currupted by the early leaders of the world and here we are

    on the pinicale

  • The divorce rate statistic is largely misinterpreted. You often hear the half of all marriages end in divorce, but the statistics show that there are half as many divorces as marriages per year. It's still bad, but not as bad as some say. Thanks Sociology class!

    I agree with you though. It's like most people get married at the spur of the moment for fun. And some people throw a fit about gay people getting married and that they're the downfall of marriage.


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  • yeah I wish the divorce rate was not so high. I think me and my husband have our ups and downs but people need to take marriage more serious. Who knows... it all is with people and their own personal choices but hopefully you pick a good one and continue to try hard to make your marriage work when it happens.

  • I completely agree! It seems like few people take marriage seriously anymore and it's sad. It used to be until death do us part and now people bail the first time things go bad or someone attractive comes along. I have friends who have gotten married for all the wrong reasons and insist it is no big deal because divorce is so easy now. People aren't held accountable and fidelity and the sanctity of marriage aren't stressed enough in society anymore. I think people made such an effort to remove the stigma from divorce (because there are good reasons to get divorced at times, such as abuse, infidelity, etc.) that it has become completely acceptable and encouraged. I feel like everyone's thought process is this: "No longer should we even try to make it work, because lets face it according to society it almost never does, so lets all just give up!"

  • because we want something to comfort our future? We feel like we are bored after 24, and marriage might boost our energy into our boring adult life? However, the real boredom is always there. There is something always not filling up I think. Everything is like substitution to make us forget about what will happen and how can we prevent that happens. And, by pretending more and more makes us forget.



  • Those statistics aren't for people on their first marriages...it's majority people who have already been divorced once...divorce rates for people on their first marriages are much lower than you'd think.

    Also, consider where you're at & where some of these people live...the life they live...People who have more access/power/money tend to cheat more than people with a different lifestyle.

    No matter what, it's still sad...& technology is an enabler in all that as well.

    For me, my boyfriend is 8 years older, & physically, not my type...& not the hottest thing I've ever seen, but I love him anyways...he's wonderful & I AM attracted to him.

    I'd like to think I'm good-looking...people often tell me I'm pretty...but even if my boyfriend were "the thing" I'd still love him the same...people are shallow & I'm not sure why...

    • "No matter what, it's still sad...& technology is an enabler in all that as well."

      LOVE IT!!

    • It's true!

      I think the meaning of marriage has been lost as well...i think people think they have to or that it's just the next step in life, etc.

      Marriage means that you want to be with that person (& ONLY that person) for the rest of your life. That everyday, you want to wake up next to him or her, dedicate yourself to improving his or her life, and put forth a continuous effort is holding together a special bond...

      If that's not what you want; don't get married! lol.

    • TRUTH!!! their are plenty out there like them who enjoy the single life.

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