Why is she always negative?

well we are together about 8 months...i adore her and when I have the chance I always say it and try to prove it it with my actions...Although as all couple we got problems and the main is that we are both students in university and we both got the same problem and target-cause of health problems we stayed back.What I mean is that have loads of studying to finish our schools as soon as possible...we both study like hell me about 10 hours per day she study about 6 hours per day...would like to mention that we are not all this time together...Day by day we are but only studying and nothing else! My problems is that when I ask her to have time together she always rejects my proposals! for example go out have a drink, spend at least 1 night together and in general do something just for us and have fun.Also we rarely have sex (I know for men is vital but not so much for women) . At last when I mention that I want her with me (not like that I want her to obey me etc) and have fun she always change mood and says that I act like 5 years old! I am trying to be as gentle as its possible and I think I am as she isn't offensive on me about issues like that...trying desperately to earn her but she acts like a huge wall standing in front of her and she cants pass through...


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  • Explain to her that you aren't very happy with how little affection she's reciprocating. Perhaps you could both ease up on the revision and set aside, say, the weekend to do couple things.

    Maybe she's not the right girl for you? :( BUT, give her a chance to earn you, lol. Tell her why you think you're unhappy and if she is unreasonable in accepting this, then she's probably in the wrong. Relationships aren't a one way thing :)