Why are my friends so...bipolar!

2 weekends ago I went home from college, and one of my good friends(girl A) broke up with her boyfriend(Guy A. later that weekend, another friend( girl B) broke up with her boyfriend(Guy B). before that weekend, both of the girl-friends were excellent friends. I kinda like Girl B, so when I found out she broke up, I tried to be the guy she could rely on.

anyway, girl A asked if she and a few friends could crash in my dorm room to go to a football game, I asked if girl B was going, but girl A said she was a slut and a bitch, and she broke guy B's heart. thing is, it was a mutual breakup, and he proposed the breakup.

I really want everyone to be chill with everyone again. what should I do!

julked to both of the girls, and a guess they are over their fight now..but guy B is now mad at girl B, but at least I can talk with him, and everyone again


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  • You should realize that...

    A) They're not bipolar, they're just girls. I know it seems like they're crazy, but it's actually just how they're built.

    B) You have no hope of actually understanding the insanity that is girl/girl friendships.

    • I know I have no hopes to understand the girl/girl relationships, but I just want to find a way to smooth things over. I want to be able to hang with both of them, as the first girl was how I met the second one(the one I like). The first girl is quick to pass judgement on other girls, and tends to influence how mutual friend thing of the other girl. its just confusing

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    • Well, unless you're good at making people think your ideas were their ideas you might be SOL for a while. Especially if you can't just talk to girl B face-to-face.

    • Yea, I guess. it doesn't help that I live 280 miles away at the moment. haha