Got a second "date." Kind of don't know what to do til then?

This is going to be kind of a long post, so I apologize in advance, but I would appreciate your insights.

I finally mustered up the courage to ask the barrista at my local Starbucks out this past Saturday while she working, after seeing her at work four times and engaging in 1minute conversations. She was excited, gave me her number, we set up a lunch "date" for Sunday, and had a wonderful time. During the "date," I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said no, and she asked me if I had a girlfriend, to which I replied no. It was not awkward or anything; I just happened to find a small window of opportunity to ask that question and was able to weave out of it and start a new conversation. Of course, I paid for her meal and all that dating-101 stuff.

I ended up walking her home, she thanked me for taking her out, she hugged me twice, I asked her if I can call her again, she said yes, and we even made some future plans on the spot before I left her. (this all happened Sunday). Then she wrote on her facebook status that she had a great day. Then she facebook chatted me up, and I told her I was a little busy and I'd call her Monday night.

Monday night rolls around, I called her, we talked for half an hour and I told her that I remember her saying that she's the only person among her friends that likes sushi, so then we set up a dinner" date" for sushi this Sunday. (She's working all week, and won't be available til Sunday). I didn't contact her at all yesterday (Tuesday).

So, I have two questions: 1- What should I do from now til Sunday. Should I call her again just to say hi. Should I text/facebook her. Or should I just stop by Starbucks and say hi for a minute or two, where she really can't talk much anyway & 2- Do you think she thinks it's a date. I mean I did ask her out while she was working, I asked if she had a boyfriend, and I called her.

I don't wanna seem aggressive or pushy. I want us to have fun, but I am interested in her. So what should I do?


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  • no, don't call her till saturday. then on Saturday call her to make sure that the plans are still on for sunday. yes she knows its a date. try not to call and look for her to much though cause you will seem like a stalker and nobody likes that. good luck on your date.


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