Doesn't this whole Harry-Meghan thing seem pretty lame?

She is divorced, and really not for any just reason from what I've read, sooo she makes a vow, breaks it, and then hits a royal jackpot. Nothing much so special about making the same vow when you just made it not all that long ago. Divorce is only officially "okay" there anyway because a tyrant wanted a new wife and the Pope wouldn't give him an annulment.


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  • Never knew she was Divorced, I am surprised the Prince Charming didn't Marry a Virgin Here, dear. Not up to their Usual standard, I bet the almighty Queen is ready to Kick her Fuckit Bucket list.
    I could care less. Unless some hot shot dies, who cares? More in Store with what is goign on around the evil globe, Then to see Two blockheads going down the Smile Aisle.
    Thanks for posting, love. xx

    • lol It's like those stupid Harry Potter books. xx

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    • lol Ohhh, yes, but the Queen Bee is still alive to sting when it comes to a Bee's Nest for him for the Rest of his miserable life. lolxx

    • Thanks to Gag. xxoo

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  • Im just tired of it being in every channel I turn on. I want this wedding to be over with already. I mean damn she’s already talking about having kids. Get married first.

  • Yes it is, but for some reason lots of people are interested.

  • They’re all pretty lame


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