Why my boyfriend of three years is so indecisive about marriage?

I have spent almost three years with this guy that I truly love. In the beginning of the relationship, I felt as if I have met the guy of my dreams. he was caring, understanding and really similar to me. we weren't planning to get serious with each other at the start, but we somehow ended up wanting to few months later because our relationship seemed so good from every angle and that's when problems started appearing.

we are both from very religious and strict families, where we are still supposed to follow traditions. although, I consider myself as the rebel and do what I feel is right for me , he most often has trouble with bending the rules as he feels it would hurt his parents. a year ago, we broke up because I wanted to be married to him someday but he said he couldn't cause his family has already chosen a girl for him and he started dating someone else. 2 months later he came back to me saying he made a huge mistake and that this time around he won't let anything stop him from marrying me and he promised me he won't back out. I took him back because I really loved him regardless of what he's done and also because I believed him. Since then, we have had a relationship that's been mostly up and some downs.

Now, after 10 months he's again starting to say he's unsure if he wants to marry me and is very scared.I feel like a fool for believing him and giving him a second chance. I know that he loves me, but I feel like he cares more about himself than he ever does for me.also him being younger to me does make me concerned. I don't want to waste the rest of my life waiting for someone who would just keep me hanging on false hope, but I also don't want to let him go cause I believe he's the one for me, he's been my best friend and he's been there for me. I am just so torn apart and don't know which road to take ..


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  • change of plans relative to life, work, school

    cold feet or nervous

    lacking confidence of the unknown or no support from partner

    missing single life

    dreading family life

    economy/career/goal outlooks


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