All her friends like me but she disappeared. WTF? Why do they look at me? Both girls and guys and she disappeared?

When all her friends like me so much, what does it mean? We have never gotten together but they give me this vibe... WTF? What are they doing? She used to be in love both I wouldn't hook up since I want only to have sex with my wife...


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  • Okay, wait you have a wife? Honey, judgment aside, you're in a marriage that's no longer working (which is obvious if you're wondering what's going on with another girl)...I think that's the relationship problem in your life that needs to take priority.

    • No wife... No girl... But a girl I like is the one I'm talking about....

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    • And one more thing when when I talked her friend and said why did you give me that look the next day she talked to me like she is her friend I liked. Her voice her reactions and her game. That confused me. Was she saying I want you or do you miss her. And the day I caught the girl I like talking to this guy was the last day she worked there. That's when she moved... Was it because of me? I know she texted her friend and said I called. Is she thinking I'm hitting on her? I want to clear things up

    • And one more thing EVERYONE that works there knows I like her so much and they give me such kind looks. Like she used to. They all say things like have a good evening like they knew I have strong feelings for her. Why do they give me those looks like they know. I was always the one that wouldn't allow her or them to persue me. But I fell for her at one point. She has allot of guys that really like her. I had allot of girls that liked me and it "used to" get her so upset if her friend liked me.

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