I think arranged marriage is disgusting cuz its not pure love I feel it like an animal who is trying to find a mate?

i dpntean to offend but i think marriage should be pure love but the question is there any honest criteria to determine best ways for marriage and happy life? am i right and if not why?


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  • I'm not really against arranged marriage if the people involved are cool with it. The main issue is that what most teenagers and young adults think pure love is, it's actually just attraction. That's why so many relationships fail after marriage, because once you let your guard down and the attraction factor is gone, what's left is simply raw, unadulterated human, and people usually aren't prepared for the not so sweet part of relationships.

    Arranged marriage on the other hand introduces two people together and somewhat forces them to slowly get to know each other. You grow closer overtime, and get to know the human parts of each other even if the attraction isn't necessarily there. Once you get to know a person, you can handle them better. Of course, it's not optimal and it's pretty much forced, but it's a proven fact that arranged marriages tend to end happily compared to love marriages.

  • There is no pure love


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