Are you afraid of MARRIAGE?

I am! I have never been married and now I feel like that is something I will never do in life! So I would vote yes!

If you want please list your thoughts.. Some are because with the internet/cell phones everyone is cheating on each other and if they are married they don't seem to last these days.. It doesn't matter if your married 1 year to 20 years everyone is getting divorced these days! Makes me sick and afraid... Thank god I never made that step in life...

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  • I just recently got married (like 1/2 a year ago). It's not really hard to understand that marriage is "hard" and you do have to work at it.

    My husband and I still some times "threaten" to leave each other when the going gets tough but you have to really like the other person and really see yourself happy with them for the rest of your life. You sacrifice some things for complete trust and companionship. People will see that marriage is hard and get divorces and that's what I was afraid of.

    I think the hardest thing in my marriage is, me trying to convert my guy. He promised that he would change for me and he wants to be with me at any cost but I need him to convert completely to Christianity and dedicate his life to Christ. This has totally not happened yet, so we argue.

    Right at the beginning of the relationship I do recommend that couples talk about important topics such as morals: no cheating, no lying, be open and honest, no degrading, no name calling, must both put in effort into the relationship

    Questions like: will you change your lifestyle for me? must be at the beginning of the relationship

    he or she will either say "yes I will change or no I will not" so that there will be no surprises later on in the relationship

    for my guy he said "yes I'd do anything for you, no matter how great the request is" so that's why I am with him. He quit smoking, he is wearing different clothes, quit saying certain phrases, starts to talk like me, and he goes to church every single Sunday now!

    other questions you may want to ask are:



    and hopes and dreams?

    YOU MUST ask at the beginning of the relationship

    whatever answer they give you, you either take it or you don't and then you decide if it's to your satisfaction to stay in the relationship with that answer

    do some research on what type of women/men you want to fall in love with!

    for me it was:

    -he has to treat me with respect, has to have morals

    -has to have had no marriage before me, has to have no kids

    -has to have a great job

    -has to be willing to change if he smokes and doesn't go to church

    -has to like my type of music, my type of lifestyle (no clubbing, no drinking!)

    -has to be around my age (my guy is 2 weeks younger than me)

    -has to have great family ties

    -has to be smart and funny and I have to be comfortable and myself around him

    -has to love me a lot, and listen to what I say and consider it!

    -has to be wise with money

    -has to be mature, and treat others with kindness and respect so that he commands respect himself

    -has to be tall, dark and handsome (yes my guy is tall, tone, and very fit!, and he has dark hair)

    there is a lot more but that's about it.

    That's what I call a marriage.

    Knowing what you want, getting it, and running with it! With a lot of work and committment... you shall be happy.

    • This is RIDICULOUS. with a capital R. what in the world are you freaking talking about, you threaten to leave, then just leave already, what kind of a relationship goes through that kind of thing. you're trying to CHANGE HIM. WHAT IN THE HELL, OK. girls, tell me, aren't you always saying be yourself to attract women, lol, obviously this guy is whipped like crazy. coming from being a jewish guy myself. if a woman ever tried to convert me I would tell her NO and if I was married to her id

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    • I don't support this, this is crude, and unjust. emzy agrees

    • making a LIST is the best way!

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  • no. I'm just not doing it. I'm not interested in having my body on call for someone elses consumption. marriage leads to emotional blackmail. 'you married me so..'

  • no not at all. what's there to be afraid of?

    • Many men are afraid of that serious of commitment. as shown through divorces/separations.

      many men feel like..once they get married theyre lives are over (lol, married with children reference). they think they can't do the things they used to, including (unless she likes it herself) video games, and skydiving

      many guys feel like all marriage is, is an over exaggerated prom. meaning, they think the service and reception is just a sham etc...

      theres other reasons but the main one being:commitment

  • I'm afraid of feeling trapped with someone I don't want to be with for the rest of my life.

  • Yes! I'm in love with an amazing guy but he has let me down before. I used to think I was ready to marry him but now I fear that I might never gain all my trust for him ever again :( one thing I fear the most in life is being betrayed by someone I love. So I think it would be easier to just stay single forever. No one will ever break my heart.

    • Im sorry he did that to you. see in my opinion, if he's breaking your heart once, he's bound to break it again. why put yourself through that torture. love may be strong. but it CAN and WILL die, if its not treated right

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  • marriage is well..marriage. lol. I guess quotes the word marriage as: the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage. (I mentioned this in emzys answer)

    there are other definitions but felt that was the best one, in my opinion of course. you can disagree if ud like.

    marriage to me though is the sanctity of two peoples love for each other that is beyond just being kissy kissy from time to time. NO, its living together learning to understand your partners lifestyle and accepting for who they are, (mentioned in that anon. users answer) after all you did choose them because you fell in love with them, so you must agree with how they live their life. it also, entails, in my opinion better sex because its with that person you want to spend the rest of your life with (there are exceptions, divorce/separation), hookups and friends with benefits I don't think is really that good of sex, which is one of the reasons why I don't believe in them.

    i noticed your age range. while it may be harder at your age to get married (has to do with sexual explanations) I still think you can find that certain someone, that is if you get over that "fear" of it, and that can be taken care of through why you feel you fear it with someone you trust and care about, like a girlfriend or a best friend.

    as far as my answer goes, well..i don't fear it but..a flirt, myself, is gonna have a tough time adapting to it, once I think its time to, and I hope to god she understands that...when I do!

  • I'm afraid of not being able to get married.