What are the main factors which elevates the divorce rates?

feminism?, financial issues?, working womens?, materialistic Things?, money a priority?, Fake priests who are bad tutors for followers?, Marriage becoming a company of partnership & stripped from love & emotions?, the unlimited freedom which know no borders or limits?...or what in your opinion?

You might ask: "where is the REAL LOVE!, romeo who won't live without juliet & juliet who won't live without romeo...this kind of love is only now available in books & fairy tales or does it still exists in reality?


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  • i always wonder that too, I feel embarassed being american knowing the divorce rate is so high...i think its because people are weak and turn to ego, they easily give up and think divorce is the easy way out, but in reality theyre only wasting time and ruining themselves and their kids (if they already have or the ones they will have with other partners) lives...there won't be stability with anything anymore there won't be that good trust with anyone anymore because people have it subconsciously embedded in their heads that "i can always leave by signing a piece of paper" but the truth is it doesn't change anything.

    that person will always be in your thoughts in your memories and you will wonder, you know each others families and friends, you might have kids together, you're basically tied together for life no matter how far you try to run from it.

    i think people need to make sacrifices and realize things can't be their way all the time, people need to compromise and re-evaluate the meaning of love, and ask themselves that is it important they get their way, or that their partner is happy? because that's what love means to me, to be self-less and be there for the other.

    • that's a wonderful answer, don't be ashamed of being an american but be proud to be a good american living between lot's of people who thinks that marriage is only a game of fun...your the good way to these people to realize the truth about family & marriage...

      it' a shame not only for american's but all the world cause high divorce rates are world wife spread like cancer cells & it's reaching the level 4 danger...but the questions is: IS THEIR A CURE? well your 1 cure & hoping to find others

    • thanks and you're right...i think society's idea of love and marriage are horribly tarnished and I wish people would try to change that...

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  • People give up fast.

  • this question, combined with this question: link alarms me.

    all marriages are different so you can't really say one thing. I think a lot of people probably get married for the wrong reasons and don't take the time to truly get to know each other before they get married. and they probably end up with incompatible partners and that's why the divorce rate is so high.


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  • Marriage's primary purpose isn't about being happy, it's about a mature sense of sacrifice for another person. Marriages are about partnerships. If you love somebody, that's fine. But if you can't cooperate with them, then marriage is pointless. Marriage isn't about love and sex, it's about cooperation. Succesful marriages produce happiness, but happiness doesn't necessarily produce succesful marriages.

    The reason why marriages fail so much is our culture and our perception of divorce. If a person is single by she 30, people think something is wrong with that person. We still measure self-worth (or someone elses self-worth) by if we are able to marry and have the ability to have children. We aren't concerned on maintaining our marriages, but just GETTING married is what we are concerned with.

    Years ago we made couples try to work through their issues by means of a mediator. Now days, there is no fault divorce. Aren't happy? Just divorce them. No fault divorce probably started out to be used only in certain situations, but it has since become our social norm.

    People just aren't prepared to sacrifice everything to make another person happy, with the trust that the other person will do the same. What's best for the marriage takes a back seat to what is easiest or most comfortable/least inconvenient. People get married because they think it's just the next step to take. Almost like there is some script to follow, marriage seems to be what they should be doing. Social pressure gets the best of people.

    • I think this is a great answer that deserves a thumbs up. I do have to say though that love is a part of that marriage though. Let's face it, if you despised the person you were married to, would you really want to share your life with that person and cooperate when them on a daily basis? In order to cooperate with your spouse and work out any problems, you do have to care about the person. If you don't then what's the point?

    • I meant to say "cooperate with them on a daily basis". I types 'when' instead of with. lol

    • If you despise a person, you wouldn't have married them in the first place. I was just commenting on how it's more important to cooperate than it is to always feel like you are still in the "honeymoon phase"

  • Probably people who insist on waiting with sex until marriage and subsequently marry in their early twenties or even late teens.</controversial>

    I don't think Romeo and Juliet are a good example of a healthy relationship. Besides, their marriage didn't even survive until the end of the week.