Do you believe in gender roles after marriage & what are their positive & negative sides?

a man must take care of his wife and family and earn money by working outside, also participating in raising his kids, and the wife should be working inside home to make it clean and cozy and take care of her kids and educated them and teaches them about life and preparing delicious meals for her family...cause she a female...

or both working outside and inside and dumping their kids here and there...cause they want to just fulfill their dreams, also eating fast foods and stress all the time and each one tell the other I'm tired you do this and you do that... WHAT A SACRIFICE!

which one are you...please don't convince that your a superwomen, you can finish inside and outside and have time for your family and not stressed out cause actually I don't believe in mythical people...


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  • of course that's how things should be done.


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  • I don't really want either of those scenarios if I have children.

    I'm not very big on gender roles. I think that pretty much anything my partner can do, I can do, and vice versa, and I prefer to share in responsibilities rather than to say "these are your responsibilities because you're a man, these are mine because I'm a woman." We both work and we both share in cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.

    My friend is a daycare teacher and some of the kids she works with are there from the time the daycare opens until the time the daycare closes (12 hours) and she pretty much raises people's kids for them. That's definitely not something that I would want---I do not plan on having kids unless my partner and I are in a position where we can raise them ourselves, not pay other people to raise them for us.

    If I decide to have kids, essentially what I hope would happen is:

    1. I would take maternity leave when my child is first born. While I think my partner is just as capable of taking time off work and taking care of our infant, my main reason for wanting to be the person to take off time from work is that I want to breastfeed and working isn't very conducive to that.

    2. I would want my partner to take paternity leave---either when the baby is first born to help me, because I'm sure it would be a huge adjustment, or after my maternity leave is finished so that we would have a longer period of time with at least one of us home with our child all the time.

    3. After that, depending on our finances and the flexibility of our jobs, at least one of us would hopefully be able to work shortened hours,. Likely it would end up being me, not because I'm a woman, but because I work as a nurse and it would be pretty easy for me to switch from full-time hours to either part-time or casual, or I could choose to just work night shifts, which means I could take my kids to school in the morning when I finished work, sleep while they were at school, feed them dinner and spend some time with them when they came home, and then work while they were sleeping at night.

  • No, I think they suck.

  • No, I don't. It is not good for children to see.

  • i do not believe in the typical gender roles at all.

    i think this is in part due to the fact that my mother and father both worked when I was younger. Nor did we have a ton of fast food. What my mom did was she worked during school hours. in addition when I was in kindergarten (which was only a half day) I had a baby sitter for the first half of the day.

    i am not saying she was not stressed, I am sure she was. and she made sacrafices for sure. how she looked was not a priority. but that should not be a priority for either parent when you have children.

    I also think that fathers should be more involved in child care than they typicaly are. My father was not absent so much but just unintrested in taking care of me and my brother. (granted my dad is also sexist and hates women/girls so that could of been part of it since I know he was an active role in my brothers life until I was born)


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