Whether I am not good enough?

I am having a relationship more than 2 years but my boyfriend don't want to have sex with me before marriage.I am ok with his decision because we are Muslims and sexual relationship before marriage is forbidden.But most of my friends who have affairs are doing it and they said that my boyfriend is impotent.He is not my first love.He was my best friend and when I broke-up with my x-boyfriend he came closer to me and now we are in a relationship.

I respect his view but sometimes I tried to figure out whether he is really impotent because I don't want any further problem in my life.

how can I find out? I went very close to him for more than three times but he only kissed me and no further action.reaction .

I am really worried.What's going on.Whether I am not good enough to make him turn on.or what?


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  • I think its a great decision that he's waiting till marriage , how do you feel with it are you cool ,

    try to talk to him .

  • He is moral, and if you don't understand his moral views and do not like it then you can turn from your faith and live like an common infadel. But I suggest you stick to your faith, not out of obligation but because it is pure and good overall, and study the Koran, not out of obligation but to learn and understand the principles and keep yourself pure, then you will stand out from the rest and Allah will be good to you, otherwise you shouldn't be in this relationship and may only greatly dissapoint your boyfriend.


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