Which zodiac sign have you dated & how did it turn out? Which zodiac lover works best for you and why?

All in question =)


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  • Well, that has nothing to do with the turn outs of a relationship.

    I've dated 4 Cancers, one of which I'm engaged to now, and an Aquarius.

    I'm a virgo.

    One of the cancers cheated on me, but we had lasted a year and nine months.

    One of the cancers and I hadn't seen each other for 2 weeks after we got together, so it ended.

    One of the cancers and I had been together 5 months, but it was so bland I broke it off.

    The Aquarius and I had been together 3 weeks before he cheated on me, so I brokeit off.

    Two of the cancers (My now fiance and the one whom we lasted a year and nine months) had been best friends before we got together, and I had also been best friends with the one who I had been together with only 2 weeks.

    It's not so much in sign, but in compatability in general, but to answer your question,

    the Cancers in my life, only one's been good to me. I guess I just attract Cancers.


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  • i've dated capricorn and leo, which aren't good for aquarius, but it's all bullsh*t


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  • For some reason, all the guys I run into happen to be aquarius. I don't believe in the zodiac-compatibility/what not :)

  • well iv been with a scorpio, libra, leo, aries, pisces, and a freakin.. uh what ever december would be lol.. oh saggitarius but so far libra's and saggitarius's have worked out the best

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