I don't think I can have stimulating conversations?

Okay I've been reading and I noted people like stimulating conversation.

I don't think I can have stimulating conversations at the best I have maybe...eccentric interests but nothing stimulating I don't think.

I have school with pretty hard classes when I talk to a guy I just want a funny, light, and playful conversation. I just want fun. I just want to get away from critical-thinking type of questions...

I'm scared.


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  • Stimulating Conversation only comes from confidence and when you and the other person has something fun to talk about. Have you ever had such a great laugh with your friend talking about mineless stuff? that is stimulating! Best thing to do, in order to have this type of conversation, is to go and do fun type stuff and then talk about after. Stimulating means just that..your senses are stimulated.

    • Oh okay I thought that meant intelligent/intellectual conversation

    • Yeah it can also mean that aswell. It's what's stimulates you to keep the conversation going that you can bond with and share, the matter of what the conversation is about can be anything from 'Why is it that Samantha only gets her kit off in Sex and the City' to 'the analogy of time and space'...it's down to you...

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  • Have you dated at all? Most people don't really want "stimulating conversations", even if they say they do. They usually want to talk with someone that shares their views on most things and keeps them entertained/engaged in the conversation.


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