What are the benefits of a stay at home mom for her kids?

1 word, I think that she will be their perfect model in life, teaching them morals & respect & everything which will lead the to a happy healthy life...of course a stay at home mom always needs her husband's support for mostly everything without mentioning that he shall stands with her in hard times when kids tries to disobey their mom...also to teach them how much it's important the role of their mother in the house, & that she's giving most of her time with them to make them very happy cause love, marriage & family is all about sacrificing but each spouse contribute to this relationship in a different way...


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  • She can take care of her kids.


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  • i agree 100% I will not date a women that will not stay home to raise children

    • Your totally walking on the right track, cause you know that there must be someone raising your kids and if it's not your wife then it will be strange people in kinder gardens or nurseries, it's like having kids and throwing them to other people who will never replace the mom's role, besides a mom is becoming more selfish and loosing the motherhood role cause she wants to follow her dreams and fulfill herself, while in the past it was all about sacrificing, you know that money ain't everything.

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    • $100,000 - $200,000 a year isn't that much. And it is possible for kids to be raised properly without a stay at home parent. Your comment is very sexist. It's not like a woman is going to go grow a d*** just because she helps support her family financially.

    • its in the top 1% but I agree more money can be made if you want that responsibility however I dont, my comment is not sexist so you just seem like an ignorant little girl