Do you think we'll ever be friends?

I know this boy since I was like 5 years old, my parents and his are super close. We all went to the same church, I grew to have a crush on him when I was 16ish. He was smart, had ambitions to become a doctor, he was good looking and nicely dressed, he also was a nice person overall. He always wrote to me and tried to talk to me. He would accidentally call me some times on my phone, or he would always make comments on my xanga posts. I really liked him but I didn't know what to do, I wanted to wait for marriage and I didn't want to tempt myself or anything with guys. I wanted to focus on school and I heard he didn't like me and that he liked another girl. which wasn't true. He went to college 2 hours away from home but he would always come to see me on weekends, and when I was going to go overseas for a month to do study abroad he came to see me all week before I left. After college, I left and went to a new state. I started actually dating for once. I called him one night and we had an all night talk. He refused to hang up. I called to tell him that I loved him and only him and always have since I was like 16. That I think of him every single day, and always say I love you to him every single day. I can't stop thinking of him. Well, I told him I'm going to start dating and we have to stop being friends because I need to move on from him. I blocked him from facebook, and I told him to tell me good bye for good. well he refuse to and I had to hang up on him to end the call because he didn't want to. Well, a year after that phone call I finally found someone I thought was OK, and got married to him. Well, now a year after my marriage I still thinking of him. I was wondering... he deleted his facebook but he made a new one and added me after my wedding for about 2 weeks (I went to his facebook everyday since day), but anyways... he deleted it. But he still lives in the same town as my parents and he got a job at the hospital. he is having his wedding about the same time I had mine last year this year. Anyways it is my hometown, I will probably see him again and again (same church), so will we ever be friends? Just wondering. Should I go to his wedding? He did not come to mine but his whole family did.


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  • if you want to be friends, then you both need to close the past and what might have been that didn't happen as such


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