Signs a guy is shy and likes you in contrast to he wants to get rid of you?

How to make a difference?


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  • If a guy is shy you'll notice him staring at you all the time or maybe he'll turn away quickly but you'll know he was doing it; he probably won't come up to you though. The guy who is trying to get rid of you won't be looking at you because he won't want to, he doesn't care. Also if you engage in a conversation with the guy in question and he seems to be answering your questions but not contributing much to conversation and looking around the room the whole time he wants to get rid of you probably. A guy who is shy will open up when you start asking questions, the other guy will be rude and won't give you very sincere responses he'll just give quick answers to try and end the conversation


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  • ive been flirting with this guy that comes into my work all the time and he flirts back but never makes a move so I have the same question is he into me or just gay? so I guess I couldn't tell you .

  • if he wants to get rid of you, he'd avoid you, be rude, etc

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