Should I call him or just wait?

Met him 2 years ago clicked and slept with him never saw him again and exchanged the odd text. But was starting something new with another guy and felt bad I never like to double dip if you know what I mean but we just clicked.

We have just got back in touch by coincidence we have both just split from people, he invites me to dinner and assumed I might stay the night I would have but didn't due to "lady things" but he doesn't know that and I really do want that s*x again and he seems to have my libido which I never find. I really want him, but I would really like him for a lot longer than a night. He brought up all the no go sh*t, including marriage, kids, he cooks and even discuss his hopes of being a househusband "great". It was an interesting night less the sex. I just can't stop thinking about him now and I am very horny.

wow, disregard this...x


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  • I'd say you should wait for him to call you. If he's interested he'll eventually end up doing it. Acting a loof around men will make them more attracted to you seem to show less interest that way. Although, it really depends on the feeling of the relationship. Do what you think is best. Good luck!


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