My cousin fell in love in me...what should I do?

I am living with my uncle and his second wife that has son from first marriage. So he's just formally my "cousin". We live in one house, and our rooms very close to each other. I don't know what is gonna be when my uncle and his wife will go on their vacation next week. I am so confused. Please, help me!


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  • Just tell him your not interested, and that he shouldn't see you that way. If he tries persuading you into something, immediately tell his family. Do not not do thatgood.

    If he tries something get a move on, and let people know, he might dislike you, but that's not something you can't get over in the future.

    Just make sure if your not interested, you clearly tell him.

    You should inform the parents, because that would keep you in safety. Like, if you literally tell them, no matter how scared or frightened you are, they will grow to help you, and knock some sense into him. A talk with them would be really healthy, no matter how fearful that is.

  • Why should anything happen? Its just like any other guy you're not interested in -you say no. Unless you are worried you like him- in which case I don't know that's your decision & I guess his. You guys are not related and you are over 18- so I'm not sure what you are freaking out about.

    Anything relevant you might have left out?