My mother, believing me a menace in her marriage?

Last Monday, there was a misunderstanding. I wanted to tell my mother that in case there were problems in taking me to the subway, it would have been better to take me to a different station from the usual. However, my mother thought that I wanted her to take me on foot to the station.

Next, I went with my father to tell him my mother's plan, only to let him know, not because I didn't like the plan. Minutes later, my mother came enraged with me, telling me that I make my dad mad with her because "I told him that I didn't want her to take me on foot to the station". I got angry with her, of course, but only for her reaction and because she was still bothering me with the issue when it was understood that everything was a misunderstanding.

Yesterday, we had another argument, and she took again the issue of Monday when everything was supposed to be solved. Saying me that if I have problems with her attitude I should tell her instead of my dad. I told her that it's impossible because of her bad temperament and she takes everything personal.

Finally, she told me that whatever I talk, it should be with both of them, so that I won't ruin their marriage.

Then, when both of them were together, I told them what happened, my father remarked that I should forget the issue of Monday because we conclude it was a misunderstanding and it past. He mentioned also that I am not destroying their relation because of saying what I want to express, and that I can express it with whoever and whenever I want.

What do you think? why is my mother overreacting and alterating me if everything is fine as my father said?


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  • They must be having a lot of problems communicating right now, and it's easy to blame that on YOU.

    I"d do what she careful about speaking to them individually about what the other one did or said, at least until they have resolved whatever problems they must be having.


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  • is she your birth mother or a step mother your father has married? that does seem a like quite an overreaction...

    • birth mother

    • yeah that's pretty weird...maybe she is going through a midlife crisis or something, or she just thinks her marriage with your dad is over and wants to lay blame on you instead of trying to fix the real problem (if there is one)

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