My older sister just got engaged!!!

I'm not home right now, but Aleta my sister and her boyfriend - now fiance - proposed to her! His family had a Christmas party that Aleta, my mom and my one sister Natalie attended. He got up in front of his entire family, made a speech, talked about Aleta then proposed with a gorgeous diamond ring.

I have a picture of them on my profile. :)

I'm so happy for her. She's 29 and really religious. Mike seems like he is a great man and will make a great husband. It definitely gives me incentive to never settle until I meet that right guy.

:) Just thought I'd share.

I don't want anyone to settle. If you aren't happy, don't be in a relationship.


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  • Congratulations Tia! :))

    Yes, never settle to an OK relationship. Wait for someone special ;)

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