He said don't talk to him, but not sure if he wants that forever?

When a guy you are seeing asks you to back off and don't talk to him. But he isn't sure if he wants it that way forever...what does he mean? What am I supposed to do just sit back and how long do I wait?

Sorry I am dumb at this but just out of a 12 year marriage.


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  • He needs space to move on, and so do you so you shouldn't sit back and wait. No contact will help you move on faster, but since it was a 12 year relationship it is going to take a long time. You will probably talk again, but don't expect to anytime soon.

    Just focus on yourself right now and try to keep you mind busy.

    • Let me clarify...I was recently divorced from a 12 year marriage. Then the guy referred to in here is my current BF. He is the one who said he needs space.

    • Still give him the space he asks for, but don't wait aroud.

  • just give him the space he's looking for