How can we reconnect?

So I really liked this girl and we kinda went our separate ways after I told her I love her, in this letter I wrote her cause we were going to go to different colleges, but she said I was that was the sweets thing ever and two days latter is surprised her with a huge teddy bear, she love those type of things, almost made here cry happy tears, that's the last time I saw her and she said she would text me, but didn't, and I call and no response. Its been just under 6 month, and I am really missing he now.

I am plan to call or text her, but I don't know what to say. Could someone help me out with what to say?


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  • Are you ready to engage with a conversation with her? I genuinely have no idea what's gonna happen when you call/text her, but it's better that you only do so if you are emotionally and psychologically ready for anything that may come. This may not sound very nice, but it's been 6 months and we don't really know what had happened (she may have changed in person, she may be very busy etc.). If you really wanna call or text her, keep an open mind and also a clear head. Start off by being polite (e.g. asking how's her etc.) and then see how the conversation/text goes. Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck. x

    • Thanks for the help, and I would keep in mind that it has been 6 months and things could change, and hopefully she give me a chance.

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    • Be careful with how you feel towards her. I know you still reserve some feelings for her, but keep it in control, don't get too emotionally involved/attached and ideally, draw away the feelings towards her (but still keeping the friendship) once you know she's not into you.

    • Ok

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