A girl I am getting to know has a kid?

So I am getting to know this girl and I like her a lot, but she has a 2 year old girl. I really didn't want to have kids until much later in my life because I know the responsibility of them. So I am confused what to do because I really like this girl, but she has a child so I dunno...its hard for me to sort out I guess

I told her what I think... and that I have this feeling that I will be second rate in the relationship and she got mad at me...now I really don't know what to do...


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  • well kids are a big factor they can split you up or bring you together. decide how much she means to u. are you serious bout her. marriage? if not stay her friend be there to help her but be straight up and let her know your just not ready to handlle all that responsibilty


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  • say sorry

    • i did she just stayed silent

    • okay well let her work it out give her time to cool off

  • yeah that was a bad idea

    • i guess so... f*** I am dumb

    • now she's saying that she ins't interested...ugh f*** me

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  • If you love her then accept her and everything that comes with it. A child wouldn't stop me from being with a soulmate.

    • Update: you might not be her number one priority since she has a kid. If any woman had a child, she tends to put the child first. That's human nature.

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    • Inform her that getting angry at what you said doesn't promote healthy communication. Hopefully she will try to understand where you are coming from. The relationship isn't doomed and you aren't uninterested. It might mean more energy is needed or better yet a factor of timing.

      She may be able to give you 100% of her attention after the child goes to sleep for a few hrs so she can sleep too. If you feel that her divided attention is a deal breaker, tell her now and remain friends.

    • My mother always put my father first.