I'm stuck in love with him and he said he just stopped caring.

I met this guy last Christmas and at first he was super sweet and perfect. Then in February we started dating. Which was good but I was in school an hour away but we made it work. Then before my last exam in April I was stressing he said the wrong thing I got made he ignored me for two days and dumped me over text when I was at the mall. (His friend harassed me for two weeks after) Then two weeks later he ended up coming over for a party and I broke down cause I really liked him and was drunk he said he got freaked out cause he cared so much and we ended up back together. But he's best friend hated me now so there were issues and in July we ended up breaking up cause he was to jealous. But the he came back in like a week saying he loved me and he f***ed up so we were talking about getting back together till Sept when we both went to school. I wanted just to be FWB cause I didn't wanna get hurt so we tried it and we f***ed and I got pregnant. Fun times told him he was kinda there for me and I lost it. in November which is really f***ing depressing by the way. So then we were back together and he told me he loved me when I told him he didn't have to but I loved him to then on Thursday he asked what I thought about marriage and kids, I don't know how I feel about marriage right now like I'm 19 but I just lost a baby and I cry every night about it. So I said I don't know. He told me he wanted me in his future and get married and sh*t in this same day an hour later he comes on Facebook and breaks up with me because I don't want a kid right now.

Now I'm stuck in love with him and he said he just stopped caring.


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  • Sucks about the kid and the situation - but if you don't want this sh*t happening, don't put yourself in those situations.. You did so by taking back a boyfriend which broke up with you for a stupid reason.

    Losing the kid is a traumatic experience. It'll probably stick with you for a long time, but realize that there is nothing you can do to "change" the fact of your loss. You can't bring this kid back to life as much as you wish you could. So there's no reason to beat yourself up for something where you can't change anything.

    Keep your chin up and learn to improve. The way you treat yourself is an expression of how you'll treat others.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I'm never this girl I don't get my heart broken which is why I don't understand how he f***ed up so much and I let him back in. But thanks for the post

    • My pleasure, you sound like a lady who has her head on her shoulders - good luck with it all.

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  • !. Don't get into any sort of personal discussion when drunk, ever!

    2. Find a guy who understands you're stressed, and will make sure you don't get pregnant when you're not ready for motherhood There are plenty of such guys.

    3. Mentally draw a line through this guy's name and NEVER LOOK BACK no matter what he may say.

    • I know I'm done with him now like he's never getting back in my life but I can't seem to stop caring

    • It's OK to care, but find someone new asap...

  • This guy is no good.

    You'll stop thinking about this looser when you surround yourself with friends who care about you. And wen you meet another guy, who actually treats you like a human being, you'll forget completely about this looser.

  • You don't need me to tell you that you made bad choices; that's obvious from what you said. Unfortunately, you can't force love. If your ex doesn't want to support a child that he was supposed to have anyway, you don't want to be with him. Two things that you need to do are:

    1) Be a responsible person and take care of your life

    2) Find a man who is living according to step 1

    There is only so much that people can do to help you, and its good that you're asking. In the end, though, you will be the one who has to take this problem on.

    • Yes I do know I seriously f***ed up.

    • It isn't too late to turn things around! Just make sure that you're looking for more responsible men to share your life with. Acting responsible will attract responsible people.

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  • That all sounds so horrible honey, I'm so sorry. But honestly, he sounds like an immature idiot. Trying to force marriage and kids on you is not fair. I'd so try your best to move on and find a stable man who won't break up with you 20 times and will wait for you both to be ready. You need a man! Not a boy who doesn't know what he wants! Isn't there a Spice Girls song about that? Hahaha Good luck doll!

    • See that's the problem I know he's immature and an idiot and I know I can do better but I can't stop loving him. I have plenty of guys after me and I'm giving them a shot it's just I can't seem to let go I only want him