Why do guys say "She is like a sister"?

My husband told me this friend of his is like a sister. I have strong feelings that she is far from a "sister" in his mind, but I need/want to know why guys say that and should I let it concern me?

Also he was texting and emailing her while I was so sick I wanted to go the doctor and lies about who started conversations and their subject.

I have recently been told that they sleep together but haven't seen any proof yet. He gets mad when I ask about her or to see what they text about. He has known her longer than me but I have never met her. Now he is accusing me of cheating! I am not thoug


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  • Guys usally mean that she is just a friend to me when saying she is like a sister, just like if a girl says he is like a brother.


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  • Sometimes the guy might actually mean that their girl friend "is like a sister" other times it might be the easiest thing for him to say for you to not worry about their relationship. Plenty of my guy friends refer to me as their "sister" and that's because our relationships aren't flirtatious and never could be. So, that phrase's meaning has a different definition to different people. The easiest way to help your anxiousness about their relationship is to talk to him about it, but also try and get to know her. If she's your husband's friend and really has your guys's marriage best interest at heart, then she shouldn't show any resentment or harshness when you're trying to get to know her. Good luck girl!