Do I give an ultimatum?

Or should I leave? Or what? I have dated my guy for 5 years. We're both mid twenties. He's got a degree and is now trying to get into a decent law school. I have a degree and I am employed. He knows I want to get married, and he has talked to me about it too. I have explained that I am completely fine with a long engagement (so he could finish law school first if he chooses) but he just won't propose. If he's not going to propose then I want to get out and find someone else. Should I give him an ultimatum? I feel so bitchy when I think about doing that. Should I just tell him I can't wait anymore and leave? What do you think?


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  • Honeslt what is the rush? Things seem to have been going really well for the 2 of you since you's have been going out for 5 years and you's both have a career a lot of people find it hard juggling the two. His education isn't over yet though so he is still juggling the career and the relationship although as for you, you have got your education and now have settled down in a job so you may feel like it's time to take things further. The thing is he is just not in the right situation as you and still needs to focus on his career. So you want him to propose that's still more things he has to think about and you can't just propose then leave everythin for a few years as it will still be talked about. Why not wait untill he is in a job and is settled like you are then talk about it. After all it is just a peice of paper but that one day is important for both of you's so you's both got to be ready or it won't work. Stop worrying about what you don't have and look at what you have and be grateful and give him time. Good luck