Do guys slack off after promising engagement?

My boyfriend and I have been talking about engagement and such , lately he has been slacking off, like I think he has a ton of things to worry about before he wants to take the next stage of the relationship .. however, I feel he is not as active in our relationship as he used to be.. When we do get together, he expresses about being together, and initiates us looking at rings and stuff.. but other than this he has taken the step off the pedal.. Do you think he has cold feet or rethinking things or simply, he knows I am going to be there - do guys like to have their freedom and space and less contact from girlfriend once they know they are eventually going ot live together? Thanks for any replies :)


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  • Everyone likes their freedom. I'm sure you do as well as your boyfriend.

    Thing to remember is relationships go through natural ebbs and flows, with the important ingredient being open and honest communication.

    It's also natural to be a little apprehensive when entering into something new and never before experienced. That's nothing to do with cold feet - it's just a little uncertainty. Do make sure you're ensuring to give him support and reassurance and even comment that you're also feeling a little bewildered by it all so he knows it isn't just him. That'll lead you into a healthy conversation to explore the situation together as a couple in partnership.

    • I do feel he is holding back on me and is not necessarily happy about some things with his life I don 't know what exactly, it may /may not be about or maybe partly- but you are right open honest communication, we are lacking at the moment, being far apart and having a lot to say, but nothing to say... Thanks for your response -

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