Divorced men and the rebound girl(s)?

How long is this period for a divorced man? How many women are considered rebound?


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  • It depends on where you are emotionally when the old relationship evaporates. I was living with a woman for 5 years, she owned her own business and toward the end she was sued by her ex-employer for more than 6 figures and she became very difficult to live with. I guess you could say both of us checked out emotionally for about a year. At the same time I was starting a new business. When we broke up I felt a sense of relief!

    About 3 months later I met someone else and we became more or less "committed" to each other about two months later. So I guess it's possible to rebound in a few months. Like I said, it depends on where the guy is emotionally after the breakup.

  • In my opinion...after the separation...I met 2 ladies and had a relationship with them both that lasted for about 6 months. They both new about the other. One didn't care. One did, but still kept a relationship with me.

    After about 6 months, I ended both relationships.

    I think I needed the "rebound" to get over my failed marriage, but it was never going to be a permanent thing.

    After that, I had approximately 40 women as sexual partners over a period of 4 years. Sometimes as many as 7 different women in a week. But I don't consider that "rebounding". I am addicted to sex and (I almost said can't) don't stop myself.

    I never cheated on my (ex)wife or any girlfriend.

    • But did those two relationships serve as a 'cushion' in the healing process of your broken marriage? I met a man I CAN'T stop thinking about. We've known each other since last March. We had texted and talked a few times every week or so until he met this new girl. Now he talks to me, but is into her. How do I tell him my true feelings without scaring him off completely? I've told him that I like him...not how much I really LOVE him though. He wanted sex, I wanted to wait at least 3-4 dates.

    • Yes...a cushion. I didn't love either one of them. One turned out to be a stalker and followed the other home one night after seeing her car in my driveway. Next thing I knew...she moved into the same appartment complex and they became good friends. The stalker used to tell her things about me. The other remained a friend and is still a friend.

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