Should I move on?

I was proposed to, by a young lady who is my best friend - and I have let her know this many times tht I don't what to lose her as a friend - but I'm not willign to go further because she means t much to me. She got on one knee and held up a ring to me, and she does know I'm getting over my wife&daughters deaths still...

I'll go out and say normally I'm liad back adn chilled, but this made me act unnormal.No I din't respond rudely. I took the approach I felt

I knelt down and gave a soft smile, and liad my hand on hers and folded it over the ring. "Hun, I'm not yet ready, I've lost too much to recently.Please forgive me when I say; someday, I will be on the knee we both share now, and you will be standing - but today is not that day." tears filled her eyes and I could help it when the same happened to me.

I unfolded her hand and placed my slipped my wifes ring nd my own int my oter had and let her slide hers onto mine - I took the one I've had since I was a boy and returned the princible... WE both held each other for a long time, people walkingby staring at us. But finally we stood and I started humming a song I always have when I'm thinking and acting in the moment, like my trade mark or what defines me. I lifted the hand with the two rings from my first wedding and threw them of the bridge into the water saying just so she could hear me, "Blessed be te images andthought, thus her sirit of one lost, may our binds suffer not in memory or in heart and yet remember what we were and are. As the sand coers our rings know I have not forgotten, but in respect will not speak of."

She and I still live apart but I thin it should work out - I tihnk the maon thingis to just no talk about my former wife..and daughter? As it might hurt the relationship. Respectfully I need to mvoe on - I'm not sure if what I dd was right - I let my minds logic get subdued and just followed my emotions.

Toughts on this?


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  • its okay what you did was perfect for the situation, following our emotions and heart is really a good


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