Is it fair that men have to take ALL of the risks in a relationship?

Is it fair that men have to do everything?


Because they have a penis?

If you don't think they take all the risks please explain why.


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  • While men definitely have to take the initiative more often and risk themselves more, I think women have a good amount of the responsibility too. In the past and to a lesser degree today women have to deal with childbirth and the risks and negatives associated with it. Less extreme, a woman has to judge a man's interest level correctly during courtship lest she risk coming off to strong or soft.

    But I think the reason why guys are the predominant risk-takers is because that's what our society dictates, and because that's the kind of people we are. It starts when we're little - in elementary school boys are expected to give valentines to girls. And continues as we grow up, for example a guy is expected to ask a girl out, and a guy always proposes to a woman. And while there are always counterexamples, when the reverse happens it's always met with scrutiny. People always tend to write off the scenes in movies where the girl asks the guy out, because our society doesn't consider that the norm. And we as guys are forced to uphold this norm because girls are acting under it too. If we stand by idly in most cases we're not going to get asked out.

    The other reason, and this might be a stretch, but I think in general women are looking for a man to lead. Women have to worry about a lot in their lives and it's nice to be with a guy that can take some of the weight off her shoulders, from making the plans to listening to her talk things out. And this inherently comes with some risk. For a guy to lead he needs to put his foot out there first, and run the risk of being shot down. So while I think part of it deals with our biological upbringing (think hunter/gatherer), I don't think it deals specifically with our different sexual organs.


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  • nah I don't think so, I think its part of being a man, you have to be able to handle risk. I guess our penises have a little part to play with this

    • note though its not all the time that men do everything, there are cases where I've seen some women take risks as well

  • nope I don't think it's fair


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