What if I ask about her to her friends?

I've found her on Facebook but live very close. We did chat about 30-50 messages. I think that she thinks that I'm not real as her real friends, since it is on the net. I wonder what if I start asking about her to her friends?


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  • You want to ask her friends about her? Absolutely not. I know it SOUNDS like a good idea, but it could get you creeper status. It could also come off to her as you using your friendship with her to talk to her friends.

    Don't put yourself in an iffy situation; it could either go really well or really badly. She's the only one who knows herself the best, case closed.

    Instead, how about you ask to meet her? Go visit her AND let her know she can meet with her friends, so she isn't scared about meeting some guy she met online. This way you can become one of her "real" friends :)

    The only person you should ask about her to is her.


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  • A little word of advice. Girlfriends tell each other everything. So if you ask her, you risk the an outcome. It may be good or bad. She may think your a creep, or she may see you aere intereseted in being her friend. Since you guys don't live far away ask her if she wants to hang out, if you think that is pushing it, than just talk with her some more. It's not hard to make internet friends. It's quite easy, and they key is, Ask her about her hobbies, engage well in the conversation, and keep it going

  • well is she attracted to you? I mean its flattering but don't do it continuously cause it can get annoying.

    • since she is not starting a conversation I'll say "i don't know". but she replies to most of my messages. weel, I think not. but I'll think I'm within the best 10% of guys by looking both in education and looks.

    • she replies to most of my messages but I think that she is not much attracted to me.

    • well you should really try talking to her if you guys met via internet.

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