Should I marry him, wait, or just leave?

So I have been in this relationship for 8 years on new years day and he have yet to formally ask to marry me, but he wants to start planning a "party" for our marriage. I put party in parentheses because I don't want to have a full wedding but its like he doesn't want to do anything for me that would make the event special in any way. I decided not to have a wedding for personal reasons, but that doesn't mean I don't want you to ask me formally or a proper wedding reception. He wants to have this ghetto ass barbeque and I feel like that's not special enough for me because a barbeque can be done any day but this should be a special day. What do yall think? I am starting to look back at everything going on in my relationship and I realize since we have been together that he has yet to do anything special for me so why am I even thinking about marrying him. Go figure that.


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  • After 8 years in a relationship you should know the key to a successful relationship... communication. You need to tell him what you are thinking/feeling and find out the same about him.


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