Guys: 2 Q's - What age for marriage? + Are you religious?

Two questions:

Around what age(s) do you want to be married?

Are you religious?

(No rude or insulting comments please & thank you)


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  • 1) no specific age, just whenever I meet someone I love.

    2) no I am not religious.

    Ps; this is the Internet, if you're looking for a place free of "rude" and "insulting" comments then this is the wrong path.

    • I know what I'm on and 'm not asking the whole site to be nice just hold back on unneeded snide comments when it comes to religion if someone is religious or not.

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  • Around what age(s) do you want to be married? Late 20's, early 30's. Time to get established in your life, as well as do the things you want with your life before you settle down.

    Are you religious? Not in the slightest. I'm a realist.

    • Are you starting to look for the girl you want to marry now or later?

    • No, I'm not looking for anyone right now. To me, people my age think of marriage because they think it's "what comes next", as if there was some kind of script to follow. Go to college, find your sweetheart, graduate school, marry your sweetheart, find a career, have kids, settle down...<--that kind of life is definitely not for me

  • Age: whenever

    Religious: yes


What Girls Said 1

  • can I answer too? I love marriage questions

    I want to be married at age 26

    and I'm not religious

    • I mean you can if you want to but it doesn't really help me.

      Guys tend to be less keen to the idea of settling down that's why I asked.