Why no proposal after 5 years?

My boyfriend and I have lived together for over 5 years and I can't understand why he hasn't wanted to lock it in? I'm 31 and he is 28 so I thought at first it was the age difference but now I'm not sure. I'm a hard worker, keep a clean house, cook everyday day, laundry and all. Basically I take great care of him. He is lazy and a procrastinator so I try to tell myself that's the reason. I don't know! Anyone have advice?


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  • Dump him, he's plan and simple lazy and taking advantage. Dude, my mom's not even that understanding.

  • why would he buy the cow if he gets the milk for free? I mean really you are already cooking cleaning and he treats you like his wife. I say leave his @$$ and find someone who treats you right JUST SAYING

    • Lol! I have been told that same thing before, it makes complete sense. Love can't be the most important thing.