A proposition re: nuisance posts (you know which ones I mean)

My last post on this topic was removed.

Apparently it was either too mean-spirited, irrelevant (?!) or otherwise overstepped the bounds of behavor as proscribed by the Terms of Service on GirlsAskGuys.

I will try to keep this post free of anything which might be interpreted as objectionable by the moderators.

God knows, they have plenty to keep them busy without my adding to the burden.

Which brings me to my point.

Certain member(s) frequently post threads which are repetitive, monotonous and annoying. I won't mention any names - I won't even offer any description. But I'm pretty sure one stands out in most people's minds.

What I propose is that we monolithically ignore this person. I think that if his efforts go unresponded to, he will get bored and lose interest in this site as a target for his posts.

Please join me in showing this person (and anyone else who might decide to act an ass) that no one here is interested in their B.S.

Thanks for reading this.

Please consider it.

Sorry I can't post comments to your answers until I have access to my desktop. I post from my phone most of the time and for whatever reason, some of the GAG features don't work with my phone.


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  • I wasn't familiar with this troll before but I sure am now...gross.

  • Ok I'm not actually sure who you're talking about, is it the "I bet no woman has the guts to kick me in the balls" guy?

  • *That person* isn't going to stop.You realize he spams over 5 different forums right?He won't stop,I don't understand why he/she continues to do it.Anyways,people are always going to answer because they think it's fun to fight back or troll back

    • You are probably right. I wonder if people really did stop answering his question if he would go away?

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    • Yeah I realize that the probability is that some will break ranks. But I can hope.

    • Yeah, I know.

      Still. It would be fun to be the pigeon that sh*ts on his parade.

      Better yet to be a pterodactyl.

      And catch him looking up.

      With his mouth and eyes open.

      While he's wearing his best panties

  • You'll never fully eradicate trolls on the internet. It would be nice, sure. But not possible. There are always people with too much time on their hands and hidden agendas. Well, not so much hidden in the New Jersey ball kicking guy's case.


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  • By making these questions you are giving them attention. That is what they are looking for. People want to suggest ignoring them but your posting questions about them? Not really doing the job.

    Also mods can't remove questions, only report them. Any time I see a question posted by him I report him and the question. I will also report any question that mentions him. (With the exception of this one).

    • Point taken and acknowledged. Just an opportunity for an experiment.

    • Sorry, meant to post this here.

      I don't have any beef with the mods.

      They have a thankless task. People get pissed when they're ineffective, people get pissed when they are effective.

      And I'm sure it's my perception, but it sometimes seems that guys like the panty-dancer blow past the line on a regular basis with relative impunity, while I get a toe over the line and it gets stomped.

      Ah well. There are more important things to focus on.

    • Another mod today said the Admins IP ban him every time so he must keep changing his ip address.

  • bro I agree about the mods part tho... theyre really tryin to protect us its like when they go home at night

    "honey whatd you do today?"

    "i saved the denizens (spell check) of GAG from a supposedly irrelevant question, nono please no applause its all in a days work"


    • LOL, they're not doing it to protect you, what's wrong with it? They're trying to keep the site tidy. You should chill out, hahah. I have like a question a day removed and I'm cool with it.

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    • pfft, my question about the grossest thing ever witnessed was removed for being offensive, what kinda bullsh*t is that?

    • bra that's probably my fault... sorry bout that

  • Who is it? I genuinely can't fathom.

    • The New Jersey guy who wants women to kick him in the groin.

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    • Yep, sorry. Posted in the wrong place.

    • Yeah, its cool. That's hilarious though, because considering the previous exchange and stuff, it just seems to be relevant, hahaha.

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