How often do you see your partner? And do those cheesy one-liners work on you?

Just entered a new relationship (I think I can say we've progressed into being a 'couple' now after seeing each other 10-12 times). But things moved quite quickly as this all happened in about 4 weeks time. The last 2 weeks we started seeing each other almost everyday, 6-8 hours at the time. I'm a very independent person and I haven't been in a real relationship in about 4 years.

As I've been single for so long, I've grown accustomed to doing things for myself, or doing things on my own, and I actually really enjoy it. Now I find that I'm losing myself and almost suffocating in this new "relationship". When I tell him I'm busy, he will leave me alone for a few hours, but then ask me for dinner, even though I told him I wasn't planning to see him til the next day. (And we planned on seeing each other 10 hours then anyway!) I wish I liked him as much as he liked me. The other day he told me he thinks I am his SOULMATE. He told me he loved me after 6-7 dates. He tells me how amazing and beautiful I am everyday, and calls me "hun" or "sweetie" in each text.

I'm a romantic, but not THAT much of a romantic. It was cute at first, but now it is starting to get a bit annoying. And my feelings are nowhere nearly as strong as his. In fact I'm starting to find it a bit overwhelming. How do I tell him how I feel without hurting his feelings? How do you tell someone to stop being their true selves? (At this rate I will probably a marriage proposal in 2 months... geez.)

Sometimes I feel like the guy in the relationship...


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  • Those cheesy one liners never work. They're made because the person using them feels like they're more inferior to the one they're using the line with.


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