When boyfriend is too dramatic and childish?

I have been with the guy for about 8 months. All things where good until he saw a comment that I left on my friends picture, saying the person looked somewhat like my ex. He flipped out saying that I still wanted him and that I should go back to him. I told him he should not be that way, since I love him and not my ex.

Long story short he broke up with me, because of this, and because he was dealing with more stuff. His car broke down and he had no transportation. He is working part time so he is not making a lot of money.

On new years eve he came, and we sat down and talked. We both cried and cried, we still where broken up, so he walked out the door, only to come back saying he was an idiot for wanting to leave me. So we decided to work things out again.

We are a serious couple, even thinking about marriage, only now I don't know if I will always deal with a little child, or if he will get his act together.

Any thoughts to this?


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  • Hhhhmm. Seems like he has issues with trust and insecurity. Tell him he has nothing to worry about and he can be sure of himself. It seems like he's low in confidence. But that may just be me.. Tell him to do what makes him happy, support him, and boost his confidence. Let him know how you feel, that you don't appreciate him snapping over such matters. And have more faith in you. Hope it goes well!