Do you think a marriage based on life goals rather than initial love can work out for the better?

I'm not sure what the word for this type of marriage is but I know there is a term for it. What I'm asking is if two people can't seem to find the right lover through the normal dating rituals but want to have children in a traditional style marriage do you think it can work if they get married to each other as more of a life business arrangement than a steamy love marriage?


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  • sort of like arrange marriages?

    have you seen an asian movie called "butterfly lovers" or aka "the lovers"

    it's about arrange marriage so that the father can have more political power

    I think... that yes parents should do arrange marriages, although when my parents wanted to do it for me when I was younger I wasn't ready. when I was ready I told them I wanted to marry the guy (he was from se asia and just needed to get an american citizenship etc) then divorce him and we'd never have sex because it would be totally just for the fact that he could come to the us. they said no. I later married a guy who I don't really like that much... but I am christian and christians are suppose to be able to love everyone for Jesus loved the most wicked sinners and said on the cross "forgive them for they know not what they do".

    now yes I do love my husband, but no I don't like a lot of qualities he has.

    and yes... you learn to like the person you are with and become attached, set out rules, understanding... build a trusting and happy relationship.

    sorry I would type more but my right arm is in pain so I have to stop.

    why? DId you find someone who wants to do an arrange business marriage?

    • No I haven't watched those movies. I would be arranging the marriage with the other person though, not our parents. I haven't found somebody that wants to do it yet, I've just been thinking about it.

    • Thanks for answering.

  • I think that any marriage can work if both partners are willing to communicate and compromise, negate of any other impending circumstantial issues.

    I think what you're getting at is if two people are unable to find love, can they sustain a marriage out of sheer wanting to have a marriage? I think so. All marriages are different and some are definitely only out of convenience (in its lowest form, gold diggers and sugar daddies).


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