How to be friends with a married guy?

Question for GUYS mostly:

I've been working with this guy for about 4 months and I really enjoy spending time with him. We get along really well and I have a bit of a crush on him really. Anyways, seeing as I'm nothing close to the type to be involved with a married guy, I am wondering how I would pursue a FRIENDSHIP. Is that even possible for a married guy? To maybe hang out once in a while, or just have a good girl friend? If it is how would I even attempt to make this friendship? Without the awkward conversation (ie asking him these questions) Just curious here!


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  • You've admitted that you have a bit of a crush -- wouldn't it be difficult to be just friends?

    It can be difficult for a married guy to have a single girl as a friend... even if nothing happened, others might wonder. It isn't like you're proposing that a group of people from work get together, just you and him.

    And if you have a bit of a crush, what happens if you flirt? And how would he react?


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  • If you want friendship with this guy, you should be friends with his wife too
    This is the only way to have friendship with a married guy

  • Private conversations is the best way


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