Does anyone still believe in the sanctity of marraige?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. We don't really have any problems, we respect each other, and of course we are part of each others families. A little after our one year, he gave me a promise ring.

Everyone that I know is always asking... "When are you guys getting married?" It drives me crazy! I believe that even though you are in love, that does not mean that you are ready for marriage.

I guess I just wanna know what other people think about situations like this? ...or am I just acting old school?


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  • Yes, I believe in the sanctity of marriage, but I think it is too easy to get married and too easy to get out. Nowadays people get married on a whim and get divorced just as fast. It's ridiculous. Honestly, I think we should set it up so it's harder to get divorced (with exception of breaking a morality clause) so maybe it would scare some of these people off. What Lfoc02 is talking about is the wedding, which I somewhat agree with, but you can easily bypass by getting married at your local courthouse. Weddings are just traditional ceremonies and that's all. We have ceremonies for all sorts of things that we ultimately don't need.

    Anyway, that's good that you guys are waiting. No need to rush into it. If you two truly love each other, you will just as easily get married a couple years from now as you could tomorrow. I think I answered your question properly lol. Best of luck to you


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  • Honestly, I don't believe in marriage. Why should I have to spend loads of money, buy a dress I will never wear again and announce my love for someone to a roomful of people? It seems to me that the whole point is being're supposed to be promising to spend the rest of your lives together..that's it. No need to go into debt in the process. Let's just have a part and be done with it!

    • My mother was married 2 times, and engaged at least 5 times that I know of...

      I think that she is part of the reason that I feel so strongly.

      ...and when I do get married I don't want all that extra stuff. I do want the really nice honeymoon ;)

  • I'm a strong believer in marriage when two people are in love, compatible, ready, and want a family, but not before. I personally don't believe in divorce (religious beliefs), but even for those that do, I figure that it makes sense to make sure that this is the person you want to spend a long, long time with before rushing into things.

    As for the actual ceremony, I think there's no need to go overboard, but it's nice for friends and family to be able to share the special moment with you.:)

    • If you don't mind you asking... What religion are u?

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    • O okay. I was congregational until my church kinda fell apart... Now I just keep up with my pastor on fb and worship with others on my own.

      My boyfriend is catholic, but he is more modern-day catholic.

      I don't really wanna be catholic, but I would like to join a new denomination.