Should I Marry her, please advise

I am 29 years old and my height is 6.3, my parents have seen a girl for marriage. Girl’s parents and my parents are very happy about the relationship and want us to get married in May 2011. Girl’s age is 25 and her height is 5.2.

We have started to interact with each other from September 2010. We have not spoken to each other over the phone till date, and have met only once with our parents. She is not OK to talk over the phone, though my parents and her parents have requested her, she wants to only send text messages to me and talk after engagement. I have asked her the reason, why she does not want to talk; she says that she is scared. Every day I have to text message her as she rarely messages me and if I don’t message she does not send me any message. She is searching for a job and does not want to take my help; this confuses me whether she is interested about our relationship. I have asked her many times, but she says that she is happy with the marriage and wants to marry me. I have asked her whether our height is troubling her, she says no and is happy to have me.

She is very god fearing and goes to church daily, which makes me happy about her. Earlier she wanted to become a Nun and studied for one year, later she changed her mind and decided about getting married.

After marriage she wants to stay with her parents two weekends every month, which I agreed.

I don’t know whether to proceed or call off the marriage, please suggest and advice how to proceed."


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  • She wants to stay with her parents two weekends out of the month after marriage? What kind of crock is that?

    The marriage will be awful from your end, by the way it's going now. And with her not really trying to initiate any kind of conversation. Will only make for bad communication through your relationship. And if you haven't spoken in almost 3 months, that should be an indicator as well. Because even for arranged marriages - there's still speaking to the other person.

    Tell her that you want to know who you're getting married to. And if what/how she is, is what you actually like/want.

    Also, what kind of 25 year old is scared to talk on the phone?


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  • I would stop and ask myself "do I love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life" it only matters what you think and not your parents or hers, its what makes you happy. And I wouldn't marry her if I were you she sound suspicious.


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  • don't do it!

  • be a man and find your own girl

  • LMFAO.

  • I just don't understand these arranged marriages. It's crazy : /

    Marry someone YOU want to marry