Is being friends with my ex boyfriend good?

we started talking as friends 2 years ago, then we stopped talking, soon or later, I found him again and we liked each other more, me an him are both devoted to God, and we believe that he brought us back together. we took it fast and got into a relationship, everything was great, met each others families and went to church, spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together and we loved it! He proposed to me and we were happily engaged. the biggest thing is that he has been single for three years until he met me again, I have been hurt 8 times and we were both looking for the same thing, we had same interests and we both didn't want sex, because that is not good in a healthy relationship, but we fell into temptation and it happened. He started to drift away because that's not what he wanted to happen, we ruined our relationship because of that mistake. I am very mad at myself inside, I love him so much it hurts everyday. He did not mean to hurt me but he felt convicted by God. I keep praying and praying and it seems like God is giving me strength, deep down I know my ex still loves me and I truly love him. I really want him back. Right now me and my ex are good friends, I still wish it was something more but I don't know what to do. is being friends a good idea?


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  • Being friends is fine. But if he's being distant because of sex, then maybe its not a good idea right now. Being friends would mean that you two are comfortable around each other. Right now it doesn't seem like he is comfortable around you. Give him some time, and try again. All issues get resolved over time.