Hypothetically, reasons why a girl would insist on marriage?

Any opinions?


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  • It's tradition.

    She sees it as "the next step".

    She's disillusioned to think that marriage actually means something about love and commitment.

    She thinks that if a guy marries her, he'll be completely committed and won't cheat or leave her.

    She wants to impress her friends/make them jealous.

    All of her friends are getting married.

    She's pregnant and doesn't want to end up a single mom.


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  • (no offense) In general guys are thought to be rather horny and will likely leave their girlfriend for a better looking girl (although to be fair, there are exceptions...like the guy I got :P) Most girls have a secret fear that their boyfriend will dump them for a hottie or something, so they insist on marriage because it makes them feel more secure - it's easy to leave a girl when you're in a no-strings-attached pre-marital relationship, but it's much harder once you're married...The guy will actually need to come up with a good reason to leave(and not just "I met another better looking girl), go through a mountain of paperwork and most likely have to pay compensation...3 very good reasons why a guy won't and can't leave a woman after marriage. So think of it as a woman's way of keeping her man. Then there are other reasons as well, of course...children, security, financial support, stability and good old "Love".

  • Commitment,




    • I'm curious as to how religion could lead a woman to *insist* on marriage... :o

      The OP contacted me and asked what a religious reason might be.. I couldn't answer O_o and it got me thinking, though it got me nowhere. How did you intend it to be understood?

  • maybe to feel like you really do commit to her.

    you should just ask her yourself.

    my husband wanted to marry me so that he could always be the one to make me happy for the rest of my life, so he says.


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  • She wants Half of your sh*t, and to stay home and not work.