Why did he act that way and is there any chance for us?

Was dating this guy for a couple months, 3 weeks officially. We slept together on the first date, but continued to see each other. He constantly told me he wanted something serious, and wanted to be sure I was serious about him, (I thought it was painfully obvious I was). I figured it was because of the last girlfriend he had- they were together 3 years, and he was going to propose to her, but she cheated on him with his best friend at the time. Well, shortly after we made things official, his life turned a bit sour. His cousin killed himself, he couldn't find a job until summer, (he works during the warmer months at a wilderness resort,) he f***ed up the tire on his car, got kicked out of his grandmothers' (they didn't get along because she was a controlling bitch,) and so he went to stay at the wilderness resort to work just enough to pay rent, his grandmother called them and tried to get him fired (she didn't like him working outdoors, though he loved it). So I could understand he was a bit distant, but I actually let him stay with me a couple nights after he got kicked out, then helped him moved his sh*t to the resort. When I went back there a week later to visit, he didn't seem interested after the first night. We had one really amazing walk together in the snow in the woods, but the rest of the time, he was only interested in playing COD with his friend, and got mad when I said something about it. The day I went home he woke up late because his alarm clock broke, and messages me telling me his boss blames me, and doesn't want me back there. He wouldn't say if it was just spending the night or coming to the camp at all. After a week of giving me lame excuses for not calling me, I tell him hanging out with friends isn't an excuse, I just wanted a short convo about our situation to figure things out, he breaks up with me, a couple days before xmas. We remain talking for a few days until he seems to get annoyed with me out of nowhere, when I asked him about his whole situation ... he was talking about possibly getting another job entirely. He gets mad and vents about it on his fb wall! We get into a fight ... and at this time, we're not speaking ... I know he doesn't come off all that great in this brief summary, but I really liked everything about him, except the last week we were together. We had a lot of fun, a lot in common, and we seemed to be bonding for a good while before things went sour. So WTF happened? I want to know what did I do wrong? Why'd he act like that? Is there a way to fix this?


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  • I think the stress just really got to him and you need to give him a little space. Don't try to rationalize what he's doing.. heck, I'm a guy, and still don't understand why I do certain things.


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  • He got back with his ex or he is seeing someone else. You didn't do anything wrong. If you like everything about him, do you like the fact that he used you and lies to you? I am in a similar situation, and I can't seem to get over my ex either. I tried everything to fix it, but it didn't work. Don't contact him, just move on. You deserve better.


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