Should I cut my losses?

For the past five years I've been in and out of a relationship with Jane doe. I was seeing someone for three years straight and eventually broken up. I decided to give my ex code name Jane doe a chance. We hit it off without issues. I put the past behind me and so did she. Couple months ago we decided to get married, so we went to Vegas and did the shot gun thing. She met my son for the first time in the mid of last year, which was a huge deal for her, because through out knowing her in the prior years she never met him. Anyway, it was unfortunately that her mom past away right before the holidays, and she took it very hard. I not having lost anyone was trying my best to console her. On early new years day we had a stupid fight and for being drunk and supposedly hit my wife. I took off before the cops got there but went back two hours later. I don't recall laying hands on my wife whatsoever. She don't wanna talk to me, but in the process of legal paper work .I did got arrested. I'm not saying violence is okay, but I love my wife and only ment to do right by her. Is this marriage over or should I sit it out at my baby mama. in the spare bedroom where she send my clothes.


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  • sounds pretty messed up... I say give it some time... let the storm pass...when you and she can think with a clearer head... because I don't think she will be in a mood to listen right now..

    so if there is a chance to get back then it needs some time... so calm down and don't pressurize her. and while talking to her never give her reasons as to why you hit her! it will look like you are justifying it...u give unconditional apology...


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