Do His Friends Send Signals?

Background: The boy I’ll be explaining is my neighbor. He goes to my school, is my age, and is in a grade higher than me. He gets VERY shy around girls.

Story: He and I have the same lunch period. Whenever something happens, like if we see each other outside and say hi, he tells his friends about it. I don’t sit at his lunch table, but I’m pretty close to it, so I can tell if they’re talking about me.

Here’s the signs:

-His friends smile and look over at me. Sometimes they crane their necks above everyone making it look obvious. After they look at me, they start talking to my neighbor.

-They look like they are engaged in deep conversation

-One of his friends pointed at me once

-One of his friends waved to me twice

-One of his friends took a picture of me once with their phone

-My neighbor’s back is usually faced towards me because he knows I look at him and he gets nervous. He sometimes turns around, I’m not 100% positive it’s at me, but it’s in my direction. One time, he and his friend looked at me. Then his friend leaned over the table to talk to my neighbor. During their conversation, the kid who was leaned over to table looked at me. I think my neighbor’s friend was giving him advice about girls (meaning me).

Questions: If a guy likes you, will he tell his friends about it even if he is shy? Why would his friends point and wave to me? Why would they take a picture of me? The weird thing is, his friends have never come over and talked to me. Don’t the guy’s friends go over and talk to the girl if the guy is too shy? It doesn’t look like they’re shy if they’re waving at pointing at me.


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  • Yeah there are signs of intrest I'm pretty see he has a thing for yiu