Marriage Laws Involving A Child!! NED TO KNOW ASAP....

I'm currently engaged and I have a child on the way.. My question is if I give this child my maiden name until me and the father gets married and I take his last name after marriage would the father have to adopt his child due to the child having my last name or would he just have to show proof (like the child's birth certificate) to prove he's the father and just change the babies last name to his? Hope what I'm asking is understood b.c I need to know ASAP...

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  • As far as I know the only way to change a name after the name has been given it has to be changed legally. Also if he is the father wouldn't his name be on the birth certificate so why would he need to adopt?

    • I figured the same thing that if the fathers first and last name was on the ceritifcate that he shouldn't have to adopt his own child just to change the childs last name from mine to his...

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  • if you are going to marry the father why wouldn't you just automatically have the child last name be the fathers?

    • I am in a family who don't believe in giveing the babie the dads last name until marrige so I respect my family and am putting my last name and the father last name in the babies name when he's born but my fiancee think that if I do that he will have to adopt the child in order to change his last name.. witch I don't think so many people has told me in order to give the babie the fathers last name all he has to do is show proof of being the father like the babies birth ceritificate.

  • This varies greatly depending on where you live when it comes down to the nitty gritty laws, however lots of parents are unmarried, there is no requirement to PROVE who are the parents. If he is the real father, then he still is.