When does the hurt stop? How to end a marriage?

Yes - there was infidelity- first by him (physically) then by me (emotionally). We work day after day, try again and again, but the hurt doesn't want to go away. How does one end a marriage with some one you really care about? I just want the hurt to stop.


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  • For me, she and I took a walk and it was seen as mutually best for both of us to split. If you can break up amiably, it is best (especially if you have kids). We also used a mediator instead of a lawyer and this made the process less stressful. It was also less expensive.

    If you are lucky, you can walk away as friends like we did. We have kids so we need to talk frequently. A key thing is not to go around flinging stories about your ex as this will just p*ss them off and create animosity.

    Good luck.

    • I'm in the exact same boat, and I don't know how to do it either! You and I should really talk. Send me an email...

      I've been wanting to end my marriage for like four years, and sort of actively trying to end it for the past two. I just can not seem to get the words to come out of my mouth! Arghhh! I'm so lonely, so miserable, and I know that I just do not love my partner. Tried counseling a few times. I just know that we have no relationship left.

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  • sort out the issues you're marriage is having, if its beyond the old sorting out then its time to call it quits. 2 wrongs don't make it right, reconnect again...what is it you loved in each other that made you say I do ?

    maybe you both just need some space..couple of days weeks, in the break away decide what it is you both want and see if you can leave on some kind of a level.

    If you're hurting..ask yourself why and then figure out what will help you to stop hurting then follow that lead.

    trust yourself on this one..only you can decide what outcome is best for you.

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