What will I do if I never get a call back from my very well liked man?

We are both separated and he tried to convinced me to be his f***ing buddy, he said it indirectly but I got his point, the relationship will be really like that only, but he is open if something will be developed or will be in love in the future. At first I rejected his proposal but eventually as we exchange texts, I began to like him very very much. We agree to have our first date but on the day itself, no confirmation or anything if the date will be push thru..i am tempt to call him to know what's up, but I'm so hesitant for he might notice that I like him so much already, and make him turn off or he will avoid me totally cause I heard that men is turned off with a women who are too involved and no more challenge . What style shall I do, I really want to win the guy?.


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  • He likes the sex, so do you

    He likes the texting, so do you

    He likes you, you like him

    Push through seem OK


    You want him to love you.

    May I propose that bad/good sex is only a very small tool to orchestrate this?

    If you don't have faith love will happen naturally and you want to manipulate him that way,

    perhaps your tools have already been mentioned and could be developed further.

    Since he has stated he wants a buddy vs love arrangement, it may take time for him to heal and eventually give in to the natural attraction you have for each other.

    Try to get out of the bedroom to do things you love in common, play up what each likes about the other, concentrate on love and the rules of etiquette - you'll have no other competition (other than his kids, if any?!)


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